What the Yellow?! Dify Social dissects the Yellow Social Media Report 2020

The Yellow Social Media Report is the most comprehensive study of its kind in Australia. Formerly known as Sensis, Yellow has collected data on Australian social media usage since 2011.

Steve Hubbard & Rhia Daniel of Dify Social – a ‘do it for you’ small business social media marketing consultancy, dissect the 2020 Business Report – with Tim Beanland, Beantalking podcaster and self-proclaimed “marketing geek”.

WATCH and listen [YouTube] => https://youtu.be/5M03n8UrJbA

For Australian businesses affected by the current pandemic, information on social media communications and strategy has never been more necessary. Many businesses have had to move their operations online in lockdown conditions.

Communicating with pre-existing clients or customers is vital to business survival, as well as attracting new visitors. Understanding the free information provided in the Yellow Social Media Report 2020 is crucial, especially for business owners who may not have had much experience with social media and require education with regards to what strategy/s can be applied.

The report is split into two parts, Part One for social media users and Part Two for businesses. This is useful for small business owners (and marketers) to understand not only the opportunities and market for their business, but the Australian audience and the way they consume social media.

In the video, Steve Hubbard raises an issue with the demographics surveyed. 93.8% of Australian businesses are small businesses (employing 1-19 people) and 76% are micro businesses (employing only 1-4 people); why medium-sized businesses (employing 20-199 people) are included in the same category is unclear. The language used in the report is also confusing at times, as pointed out by Rhia and Steve, which may prohibit full understanding of the data provided. Finally, Tim notes that the purpose of social media is in fact “to be social” – the report seems only to concern itself with broadcasting posts and advertising and not actively engaging their strategic target communities.

We end the discussion by encouraging Australian small business owners that “you haven’t missed the boat” when it comes to social media marketing & Facebook advertising for your business! In fact, there has never been a better time to ‘protect, build & grow” your business than in 2020!

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