2020 Facebook Small Business Grants – How did your business go?

Unfortunately at Dify Social we received the following email to marketer@difysocial.com.au just today …

“Thank you for applying to the Facebook Small Business Grants Programme. We’re taking great care in how we accept, review and deliver grants for up to 30,000 eligible businesses in more than 30 countries who need help.

“We appreciate you taking the time to tell us your business’s story. Unfortunately we have confirmed that your application does not meet the eligibility criteria* …”

Back in March, Facebook announced the launch of their Business Resource Hub, to help businesses impacted by COVID-19. As part of this incentive, Facebook opened their Small Business Grants Programme last week.

Small to midsize businesses were encouraged to apply for up to approximately $6,400AUD in cash and ad credits. Applicant businesses had to be located in Sydney or Melbourne to receive the grants, as Facebook offices are in those cities. The application period was very tight – from the 16th-22nd of September.

Did your business apply? We’d love to hear about your application experience. Did you meet the criteria? What are your plans for the grant if you were successful?

If you would like to speak to a Dify Social media marketer about using the grant, or other grant funding you may have received, towards marketing communications, please contact us by phoning 1300 DO SOCIAL, email marketer@difysocial.com.au, dm via social media channels or via the website.

*Note: Dify understood eligibility criteria was:

  • Be a for-profit company ✔️
  • Have between 2 and 50 employees as of 1 January 2020 ✔️
  • Have been in business for over a year ✔️
  • Have experienced challenges from COVID-19 ✔️❓but not to the extent of others
  • Be in a location where Facebook has offices in Australia: Sydney and Melbourne ✔️