Conveyancing Lab

🏡 Visit 175A Watton Street, Werribee (Wyndham, VIC), email or call (03) 9001 6225 to receive personal and practical conveyancing advice relating to …

🔍 Buying and Selling Residential and Commercial Property in Victoria
🔍 Property transfers
🔍 Contracts of Sale of Real Estate
🔍 Section 32 Vendors Statements
🔍 Subdivisions & Developments
🔍 Stamp Duty Exemptions, Concessions and Refunds
🔍 Applications for Lost or Destroyed Titles

🔑 Learn more => #conveyancinglab #melbourneconveyancer #melbourneconveyancing

Dify Social media marketing project*, including revision & set-up of: LinkedIn, Facebook page & Instagram channel, Twitter, Google my Business (map) and YouTube channel.

B1G1 “business for good” assigned project is Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation (Vietnam). See more at: Dify Impact.

*Note it’s business ‘unusual’, but we are doing everything we can to assist ourselves and our small business customers and network, during this challenging season of COVID-19 [See Website]

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