🌐 Find lost connections, or verify a person’s identity using names, phone numbers, addresses, usernames, or even photos.

📱Connect today! Call 1800 566 030 or visit to learn more and sign up.

#id4me #peoplesearch #idverification

Dify Social media marketing project* – with Dify Marketers‘ Steve Hubbard & Anthony Niglia, including revision & set-up, planning & management of: LinkedIn personal (Danny Georgakilas) & CompanyFacebook page & Instagram channel, Twitter, Google my Business (map once verified) and YouTube channel, with the Hootsuite‘s social media management platform.

B1G1 “business for good” assigned project is Dot Com Mob (Australia). See more at: Dify Impact.

*Note it’s business ‘unusual’, but we are doing everything we can to assist ourselves and our small business customers and network, during this unprecedented season of COVID-19. All of our social media marketing services are currently being delivered remotely with Whereby webcam & audio.

#smallbusiness #socialmediamarketing #difysocial


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