2022 DIFY Social – Qoin AFL Tipping Comp

🏉 The 2022 AFL Season commences Wed 16 March (7.10pm AEDT) and you’re invited to join Dify Social’s comp » https://tipping.afl.com.au/tipping/index.html#/comp/6681/about?code=4U477VMK

At the end of the regular season the best tippers will win Qoin*
🥇 First = Qoin to value 500.00
🥈 Second = Qoin to value 250.00
🥉 Third = Qoin to value 150.00
⌛ Enter ASAP to give yourself the best chance of winning!

💰 *Dify Social is a Qoin merchant – ask us how to get your consumer Qoin wallet and we’ll point you in the right direction. See https://difysocial.com.au/dify-qoin/

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