A fresh start works wonders

Small Business Mentoring Service – SBMS 2017-18 Case Study [Article] published 13 November 2017: http://www.sbms.org.au/dify-social.html

Steve Hubbard helps small businesses with social media marketing to protect their brand, build relationships and grow business opportunities, in turn maximising exposure and profit.

Since 2014, Steve has developed a reputation for his sales, marketing, digital and social media marketing skills. He has learned what support small businesses require in this space and how to provide that support.

His consultancy business, DIFY Social, offers marketing and social media communications solutions for small businesses and other organisations. The niche consultancy provides social media marketing education, set ups, planning and packaged services for management.

Steve has worked with local and interstate small and medium enterprises (SMEs), corporates, local, state and federal governments, sport, community and not-for-profit organisations. Many can’t justify the cost of hiring salaried social media and marketing staff and are looking to outsource …

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Steve says Clinton was “absolutely brilliant” in helping him define what he needed to do and how to implement it. He was also honest and “called a spade a spade” when needed.

“I can’t tell you how valuable it was for me to have somebody like Clinton to talk to,” Steve says. “He brings a wealth of marketing knowledge and is just so grounded. It was great to have someone with his knowledge and experience as a sounding board.”