Oldham Construction Lawyers

Oldham Construction Lawyers are your experts in Construction & Property Law. With more than 30 years of experience, the team has your needs covered.

Get in contact by phone 03 9640 0002, info@oclawyers.com.au or via the website contact page

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Dify Social media marketing project, including revision & set-up and management planning for the: Facebook page & ads & Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn Company and Google my Business (including YouTube).

B1G1 “business for good” assigned project is Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation (Vietnam). See more at: Dify Impact.

Assured Accounting Solutions

Assured Accounting Solutions are passionate about business and can help you reach your financial goals and dreams.

Visit the website https://assuredaccounting.com.au/ and call 03 9318 0015 (Yarraville), 8578 1000 (Forest Hill) or 8560 2054 (Meadow Heights) today to learn more and take advantage of an obligation free meeting.

Dify Social media set-up & maintenance (XXS) project, including revision, set-up, planning & management of: Facebook page (+ Locations) & Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google my Business (Multiple Locations).

B1G1 “business for good” assigned project is Blue Dragon (Vietnam). See more at: Dify Impact.

Beach Volleyball for Good!

The 2018 Seconds to Give – Fancy Dress 4’s on Sunday 18th March at Port Melbourne beach is an event where you can dress up and play beach volleyball at the same time (how good’s that!).

Gather a team (four people) and register online (once open): http://www.vicbeach.com.au/event-information.php?e=370

All proceeds go to Seconds to Give, a charity that helps the impoverished villages in the Philippines. See more info at: http://www.secondstogive.org/

Spread the word… share the love!

Dify Social believe that every business has the power to change lives and be a force for good through its everyday business activities.

We support the promotion and development of beach volleyball in Victoria by providing social media marketing management and encouraging sponsorship partners, with shared values and audiences, to join us.

Steve Hubbard – Social Media Statement

Please be advised that as of 1st October 2017, I am parting ways with qubeSocial. I will however continue to promote and be providing the same ‘do it if for you’ social media marketing services under my consultancy business name “Dify Social”.

It’s been more than three years since Chris Dobbin and I came together as qubeSocial and it’s certainly been a dynamic ride – both professionally and personally!

We have agreed however that the time is right to start a fresh and I wish Chris and his family all the best for the future. Note that Chris remains contactable on 1800 QUBESOCIAL or connect@qubesocial.com.au.

I look forward to progressively sharing my new DIFY Social vision, branding, website, social media channels and more with you – my business customers, collaborators, referrers, advocates, networking partners and supporters.

Should you have any questions or feedback at this time, please do not hesitate to make contact.

Yours socially, Steve
T: +61 3 93970975 M: +61 418 362 181 E: marketer@difysocial.com.au
A: 43 Hewitt Ave, Footscray VIC 3011 (by appointment. PO Box 727 Williamstown VIC 3016)

Steve Hubbard, Social Media Marketer
Dify Social – ‘Do it for you’ social media marketing [ABN 39875722968]