Do you think social would work for my business?

I’m often asked by business owners “do you think social media marketing and Facebook advertising would work for me and my business?” My answer, as you’d expect, is yes!

Here’s three reasons why …

Social media websites e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, YouTube are websites! Even if you never promote through them, they should be set up properly so that they are ‘on brand,’ consistent with your website and containing your ‘about’ and contact information.

Your target audience are there, your rivals may not be! It doesn’t matter whether you’re B2B, B2C, micro or macro, you can find your target community and communicate your messages to them (and measure!). The annual Sensis Social Media report gives great facts and figures on who’s on (or not) and using social – consumers and businesses.

Facebook advertising – you may have read or heard someone say, “oh Facebook, it’s just like MySpace, something bigger will come along.” Sorry but no, no, no, Facebook’s not dieing, it’s killing everything else! Example: Facebook bought Instagram and incorporated that social media channel within Facebook Ads Manager. If you’re not using Facebook advertising nowadays, getting your promoted messages into your target audience’s newsfeed – then you really are missing a very huge opportunity.

If you’re interested in looking at case studies of businesses using social media marketing and Facebook advertising to gain competitive advantages please check out my DIFY Social blog:

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