Facebook Business Suite was Pages Manager, now it’s Facebook Business Suite not Pages Manager …

“why they changed it I can’t say, people just liked it better that way!” – The Might Be Giants, Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

Facebook Unveils Facebook Business Suite, Formerly Pages Manager App

If you have a Facebook business page, you may have noticed that Facebook has brought out Facebook Business Suite. Designed to help small business owners affected by the pandemic save time, it allows for business owners to post content to Facebook and Instagram at the same time. 

This feature was already available on Facebook as Facebook bought Instagram in 2012; however, as an app, Facebook Business Suite also allows you to read and respond to messages and notifications over the respective platforms in one place.

This saves time and helps small business owners to maintain a good response time for their customers. For the particularly time-poor, the feature for scheduling posts may be particularly useful, as business owners can schedule posts across the respective platforms for the week ahead, in one sittingBusiness owners who have run a Facebook Ad campaign before will be familiar with the “insights” section of Facebook Business Suite.

The app provides easy-to-comprehend analytics for business owners across Facebook and Instagram. With this feature, they can see which content is connecting with their customers best across the platforms, and how potential customers are engaging with their posts.

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