Q. Is social media just for B2C marketing? A. No.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term B2B marketing, it can sound overly corporate or niche. B2B marketing stands for Business-to-Business, which targets other businesses as potential consumers. It is a well-established branch of marketing and has been a high performing field in recent times. 

Social media has not been utilised as often in the field of B2B marketing. Social media marketing is more often used with Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing strategies, to establish a transactional relationship with customers. 

As social media is increasingly being used to connect with customers, it presents a strong opportunity for B2B marketing, which has long been focused on establishing a relationship with other companies. The modern B2B buyer is 57% sure of a purchase decision before even engaging with a sales person, according to a CEB survey.

At Dify Social, we believe LinkedIn is an underappreciated platform among our customers. As Dify’s Steve Hubbard puts it, “small business owners often use Facebook in the way they should be using LinkedIn”. 

Dify Social media marketing clients & network include B2B & B2C

This is especially true in B2B marketing, according to Hootsuite polls run on LinkedIn and Twitter. 73% of B2B marketing respondents said LinkedIn drove the most leads and engagements for their brand, with Facebook at 14%, Instagram at 10% and Twitter at 3%. 

B2B marketing often fails to emotionally connect with the audience. Advertising to companies rather than a customer encourages an idea that B2B campaigns need to be heavy in industry jargon, to prove competency. 

This theory isn’t necessarily wrong, but it hardly promotes a sense of identity to your clients. By communicating not only the function of your company, but your core values and passion for what you do, you inspire a sense of connection to your customer. 

Studies suggest that 75% of Generation Z (children of Gen X) consumers are more likely to purchase products or services from a company that addresses social issues; which, as Gen Z starts to establish themselves in the workforce, is likely to be a lasting trend.   

Much of this article references published articles by Hootsuite, a social media management dashboard. Hootsuite allows their customers to post content across three social media channels under their free service. Dify Social uses Hootsuite to organise and schedule content for clients. 

To learn more about Dify Social’s services and how we can help your business, call 1300 DO SOCIAL, email marketer@difysocial.com.au or visit the website.

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