We’re looking for emerging Marketers

Dify Social are looking for emerging Marketers interested in doing social media marketing set-ups, planning and management for our predominantly small business customers. See LinkedIn job posting to apply.

Our business consultancy

Our mission is to protect, build and grow businesses using social media marketing. Our purpose is to gain competitive advantages for our business clients using social media marketing tactics that include Facebook advertising.

The overall aim being to attract and retain more customers for our business clients using social media to:

  • Protect and build equity in their brand and business online and through social media websites;
  • Differentiate their brand, business and representatives’ online and on social media presence from their competitors (or threat of) and exemplify them for their umbrella of relationships;
  • “Be top of mind” with your target communities by exponentially increasing the number of communication ‘touch points’ with their existing clients/customers, prospects and community network;
  • Increase business development opportunities using inbound marketing tactics and proofing, to drive their target audience to explore their interest and engage via the social channels, website, phone, email and or the front door of ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses.


In the role you will primarily

  • Audit interested businesses online, website & social media presence to identify ‘gaps & opportunities’;
  • Set up / revise business customers’ social media channels in an optimal and integrated manner;
  • Plan ‘with and for’ your business customers’ to build their relationship networks and, to determine: scheduling of their social media posts; their Facebook ads target audience/s; and confirm marketing, management and Facebook advertising tactics.
  • Manage on behalf of business customers: the scheduling of posts across social media channels; monitor social media channels; engage & share with, and of, strategic others, in particular on Facebook;
  • Write Facebook advertising copy & administer campaigns;
  • Provide Facebook insights and social media marketing analytics reports;
  • Respond to clients’ ad hoc enquiries.


To be successful in this role you will:

  • Have expressed an interest in attending Dify Social workshops* (*see website);
  • Have a passion for marketing, with a love and understanding of the power of social media;
  • Be a person of high integrity, who does what they say they will do;
  • Want to keep learning to develop and keep up with evolving social media and new technologies;
  • Be keen to have fun and do good, ‘with and for’ your business customers and network;
  • Socialise both online and off with your community networks with a practical understanding of how to use social media channels, in particular: LinkedIn; Facebook; Instagram; Twitter; Google & YouTube;
  • Have or be progressing towards, Bachelor-level qualifications in Marketing, Communications, Business, New Media or Public Relations;
  • Have a sound understanding of where social media marketing sits within business marketing strategy and the marketing communications mix;
  • Have excellent speaking, writing, presentation and communication skills.