What the marketers said after 12 weeks of Dify Social onboarding

In this unprecedented season of Coronavirus, a Melbourne based social media marketing business took the bold step of hiring “11 New Marketers Across Australia.” Nine of the new marketers, all University qualified graduates under the age of 25 years, have now completed a 12 week on-boarding process – in the “Dify way” of systems, networking & services. Below is what they had to say about their experience and how they hope it will benefit them as fully fledged small business social media marketers

It is good that modern technology enables employers to expand operations online, but it is not without its challenges. Queensland marketer Hannah Steffensen said “Initially, I found it quite daunting trying to understand processes, concepts, and offices all whilst from my own home (i.e not easily being able to quickly ask [Dify Social owner Steve Hubbard] for help or a question. However, because Steve has such a great open line of communication it has been so easy and felt like he has been in the room with us all.

For those who are in the process of finishing their degree, the online learning process was nothing new. Western Australia marketer Evelyn Lee said “It was quite natural to me since I just finished my university degree remotely, so I was already used to doing all my work from home!” 

For others, learning from home had its challenges, but also has benefits to it. Queensland marketer Emily Mills found “It was definitely weird to train online. I had never done anything like that before. In the beginning I felt a bit lost and confused, but as the training went on it began to make more sense. Now I’m really glad that the whole thing is online, it made the process much more flexible” 

On the frontlines of the “new normal” as it materialises, Dify Social marketers have had to get to know their new coworkers through Whereby (it’s like Zoom!). Although this has been occasionally impacted by faulty internet connection or brief interruption by a parent, partner, or pet, adapting to remote work has provided Dify Social marketers with a common goal. Meeting online three times a week, Hayley Gaffney says “…I feel the team was still able to develop strong relationships & feel like we still have a strong support network (even though we’ve never seen each other face to face!)” 

With the onboarding process ending in late September, Dify Social now has nine fully qualified social media marketers! When asked about how they felt about this, the new marketers said

The training went really quick, I can’t believe I’m a fully qualified Dify Social marketer already! It’s a great feeling!” – Anthony Niglia, Victoria

Excited! I’m looking forward to the next step in my career and Dify helped me get there” – Benjamin Hale, Western Australia

It’s been a real learning experience in adjusting to a remote, online job, but I’m really grateful for the amount of support that Steve and the team have provided over the last months. It’s exciting coming into an growing industry with an expanding business and I feel like my skills are being nurtured here” – Rhia Daniel, South Australia

It’s a nice way to say it, but I definitely will feel more qualified once I’ve done more work on my own. I’m excited for my future at Dify!” – Evelyn Lee, Western Australia 

It felt good becoming fully-qualified, I feel most of us have been ready for a while now but it was great to get the recognition” – Jake Spain, South Australia 

Very excited to be a fully-qualified Dify Social marketer and I’m looking forward to the team growing and becoming even stronger in the coming months!!” – Hayley Gaffney, Victoria 

I am really excited to officially get started as a marketer at Dify. In the end I felt like the training was thorough and even though I am not in a BNI networking chapter yet, I’ve met some really interesting business owners here in Brisbane” – Emily Mills, Queensland

I feel extremely excited and definitely have learnt so much in just 12 weeks! It really shows that practical work and throwing yourself into projects and learning is the best way to improve your skills!” – Hannah Steffensen, Queensland

Press release prepared by Rhia Daniel, some responses have been edited for clarity. Catch her interview with Ticker TV about Dify Social’s “NEW MARKETING WAYS” on the Dify Social YouTube channel. 

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